Ben Bartlett Berkeley Councilmember Shows Oakland City Council How To Defund Police

Ben Bartlett Berkeley Councilmember Shows Oakland City Council How To Defund Police
(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

Ben Bartlett Berkeley Councilmember Shows Oakland City Council How To Defund Police

ONN – Councilmember Shows City Council How To Defund Police

Raw transcript from video:

Hey, you know, I tell you something just really pisses me off. the City of just made this rush to stuff something in as legislation to make it look like oh we’re reforming that the police department really liked doing this when if you take a look at the graphic that was put on counselor Loren Taylor’s Facebook page yeah for and I’m picking an argument with you okay you owe the equity caucus basically said hey you know what we’re gonna place over $14.5 million dollars yeah that’s what’s a lot of money oh and we’re gonna like slide it over from the police and we’re gonna put it all these little programs!

And it’s kind of like, you know, it – give me a break okay? Because, among those five items that were listed was this $7.7 million dollar program to – drumroll please – get rid of the, “close the digital divide”, right?

Well, wait a minute. Let’s think about that. Wasn’t that the same digital divide fundraising program that Mark Pincus and Jack Dorsey, and a number of other people came along and threw, what? $12 million dollars in to pay for having done?

So basically you’re gonna tell me that you’re taking these private investments that were done – calling them a public investment, and then saying “Yay yeah we’re we’re gonna do that we were to close the digital divide and we authorized that”, and then on top of that you’re gonna make it look like you’re defunding the police? Excuse me. Excuse me! I mean that’s what you’ve just done, all right?

That’s like smoke mirrors smoke mirrors turn it upside down put it a blue red blank link right meanwhile my friend, Councilmember , has authored something called the “Safety for All: George Floyd Community Safety Act” and it is a five-point program that in total shifts $25 million dollars from the Police and two community programs. But it goes beyond that: it costs, calls for specific police related reforms in operations, program management, and community relations. It does what the Equity Council which consists of Councilmember Lauren Taylor, Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney, my Councilmember in District Three, Noel Gallo in District five, Larry Reid in District 7 and Rebecca Kaplan At-Large – and yes there might be a quiz on this. No not a drinking quiz because you shouldn’t be drinking right through here, but I digress

My point is they led the charge calling themselves the equity caucus and passed this this thing that pales in the comparison of what has done because the City Council unanimously passed what councilman Bartlett authored oh and by the way yes councilmember Bartlet’s law firm is a proud quiet – zhenya sixty-two media because I went after him because no one’s telling their story talking about that okay among other things but I digress.

One of the big stories here is that is showing up . is showing up . You hear what I’m saying? is showing up ! And what the City Council did, particularly the equity caucus – and I go back to the digital divide smoke and mirrors example I gave earlier – and this whole OP is shameful

And there are others who say hey you know NAACP members didn’t have enough time to really consider thoughtfully a proposal and there was time to do it. But no, no, no, no! Let’s just rush and make it look like we’re doing something right now!

Stay tuned.

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