Bear McCreary’s “Godzilla King Of The Monsters” Score Leaked, Dougherty Reveals At Toyko Comic Con

Bear McCreary (the award-winning movie music composer of film and TV projects like Outlander, The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Colossal, 10 Cloverfield Lane and God of War who was interviewed by Zennie62Media at San Diego Comic Con 2016) landed the dream engagement when Legendary and the movie’s director Michael Dougherty hired him to make the score for the upcoming Godzilla King Of The Monsters movie, due for release May 31st 2019.

Here’s the Zennie62Media Interview at San Diego Comic Con interview:

How Bear McCreary’s became involved with Godzilla King Of The Monsters

At the time, he told Bleeding Cool how he got involved with Godzilla King Of The Monsters

I’ve known Michael Dougherty for a long time, as we both run in the same film-nerd circles. I have always appreciated his love of film music, chatting with him for hours on end over the years about the scores we both love. I was thrilled for him when he landed the gig to direct “Godzilla,” because I knew what it meant to him.

When he later asked me to join the project, I was overwhelmed with excitement, and awe, grateful for the chance to join him in contributing to the legacy of our favorite monster.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to incorporate classic [Akira] Ifukube themes, and yet I think fans will be excited to hear how they have evolved. There are some fun surprises in store. Fitting the material and Michael’s visionary film, this score is the most massive I have ever written, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it!

Bear McCreary’s “Godzilla King Of The Monsters” Score Gets Leaked

Fast-forward to last weekend and Tokyo Comic Con, and Twitter, and a number of posts that report the score was leaked and wound up as part of the presentation for Godzilla King Of The Monsters.

It started with this post from #WonderGal on Twitter at Tokyo Comic Con, featuring the teaser trailer that has Millie Bobby Brown calling Monarch, the secretive monster research organization, for help:

And then several tweets with the music Bear came up with appeared, and have been removed, but others on Twitter picked up the score and repeated it on YouTube and Twitter. One of “those” who did this was none other than what appears to be the Twitter account for Toho, Toho Kingdom:

If you listen to the music, you will hear what sounds like someone talking in Japanese. Thus, it may be one of the clips from the movie itself, which was then used to fit the score into. That explains the person talking and the overall sound of the movie clip: it’s certainly sounds as of it was leaked from a session preparing the score for the film. That written, Bear has not confirmed the observation at this time.

Still, the reactions have been enthusiastic and in some cases over the top on social media.

Michael Dougherty reveals new Godzilla design for Godzilla King Of The Monsters at Toyko Comic Con

At Tokyo Comic Con 2018, Godzilla King Of The Monsters Director Michael Dougherty talked about the upcoming movie and his love for Godzilla movies. The questions are basic and because of that, his answers are basic, but overall you get a better idea of what to expect and what he’s trying to achieve in making it. The audience is also treated to the same trailer that wowed the San Diego Comic Con audience.

Dougherty told the Toyko Comic Con audience that Godzilla King Of The Monsters is a “monster opera” in the way that Star Wars is a space opera. It’s beautiful yet terrifying and has some themes about our connection to nature and to Godzilla.

As to the new Godzilla design, Dougherty said he liked what was done for the 2014 Godzilla, but then took the actual spikes from the 1954 Godzilla for his new version of the famous fictional creature. “Godzilla’s spikes are his crown. They needed to be big,” he said, admitting it was the first time he saw the design in its physical form.

Mothra was the biggest challenge for Dougherty, thinking of her as beautiful but deadly and capable of fighting with any of the monsters in the movie.

Dougherty told the Tokyo Comic Con audience that the final version of Mothra was not done. The eyespots on her wings are Godzilla’s eyes, he said that “In nature butterflies and moths sometimes have false eyespots to ward off predators, and I wanted to show that Godzilla and Mothra have a relationship together because she is the queen of the monsters and he is the king of the monsters and so the eyespots on her wings are Godzilla’s eyes.”

Dougherty also explains that Rodan lives inside of a volcano, and his skin reflects that.

For King Ghidorah, Dougherty said that the design approximates what has been seen in other movies, except that the three heads are different from each other “It’s almost like they’re three brothers,” he said, “The center head is the smartest head, and the two on either side are his two younger not as smart brothers.” Dougherty has three separate actors playing each head in motion capture.

Dougherty said “The reat of the thing (trailer) will be revealed next week, referring to the teaser trailer.

We can’t wait.

This version of Godzilla promises to be the best and perhaps most successful movie of its kind ever, before Godzilla vs. Kong. “I just love these four creatures, they’re the crown jewels of the Toho Universe, so it only makes sense that the next chapter in this film series features a battle royale between all of them,” Dougherty said. “And this film has many reference to the other previous Godzilla films. You have to be very sharp to see them all or here them all and you might have to see the film two or three times in the theater to get them all.”

Key Godzilla Movie Release Dates

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) release date: May 31, 2019
Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) release date: May 22, 2020
And be sure to visit the Monarch Sciences website here.

Stay tuned.

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