Is It Time To Change The Structure Of Oakland Government? – Phil Tagami Files

Oakland, By Phil Tagami – Perhaps the time has come to realize that the experiment of professional career politicians failed Oakland – this cohort has “pooched” it pretty bad. Deficit … Read More

Oakland Needs Concrete Plans For The Budget, Post-Protest Downtown Rebuild – Phil Tagami Files

Oakland – The Oakland City Council has some tough budget decisions to make in the next few weeks …a lot of attention has been focused on $120 million budget deficit … Read More

Considering The Idea Of Defunding The Oakland Police Department – Phil Tagami Files

Oakland – At a rally Sunday afternoon Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council announced their support for defunding the Minneapolis Police Department and replacing it with a community-based public … Read More

Mayor Of Oakland Part Of The Problem, Must Accept Responsibility – Phil Tagami Files

Oakland – I cannot get over the fact the Mayor or her “handlers”, in her recent letter to supporters, attempted to coop the whole series of recent events Protests to … Read More

Time For Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Council President Rebecca Kaplan To Lead: Phil Tagami Files

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kaplan must put aside their differences and collaborate to save our City of Oakland. Word is they have not spoken … Read More

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