ATL Next Atlanta Hartsfield Jackston Airport Expansion Update

ATL Next!

Upon arriving at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackston Airport’s North Terminal this morning, this vlogger made a video update of progress associated with what is called the “ATL Next” project.

The vlog gave part of the picture of what ATL Next is; let’s look at the full picture, if only to gain an understanding of where it, billed as the “world’s busiest and most efficient airport,” is, today.

ATL Next is described as a six billion dollar plan that consists of six segments, according to the ATL Next website: The Central Passenger Terminal Complex, Parking Decks, the Hotel and Travel Plaza, Air Cargo, Support Facilities, Airside. The canopies you see under construction are the cornerstone of the Central Passenger Terminal Complex segment of ATL Next as are plans to add new gates in the “T” section terminal.

The “Parking Decks” part of ATL Next replaces the old parking infrastructure. The “ Hotel and Travel Plaza” is an exciting new John Portman-designed hotel described as “cubist” in design. The Air Cargo, Support Facilities, and Airside part of ATL next, all come under the concern that the airport needs to be able to handle larger passenger and cargo demands in the future.

So, in total, ATL Next is an extensive refashioning of Atlanta Airport for the 21st Century.

The Central Passenger Terminal Complex: Pfeifer FabriTec Gives Closer Look

Pfeifer FabriTec, the contractor involved in The Central Passenger Terminal Complex part of ATL Next, has provided a rather extensive breakdown of the project on its own website. Pfeifer FabriTec explained that The Central Passenger Terminal Complex is 178,000 square feet in size, and “plans call for incorporating engineered trees and other foliage for a park-like feel, and building giant canopies over the upper roadway curbside pick-up and drop-off areas to protect guests from the elements. Renovations on Concourses T South, A, B, and C include elevating and slanting the ceilings, and adding glass to allow more natural light and create a more open feel.” The project is slated for completion this year, 2018. (That would seem to put it in line to be ready when Atlanta Hosts the 2019 Super Bowl for the 2018 NFL Season.)

For more updates, visit the ATL Next website, and subscribe to Zennie62 on YouTube, as regular vlog updates on the project have been and will be posted there, and include a video playlist on it.

Stay tuned.

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