Assembly Democrats Delegates CA 18 District Election: Back Bonta’s Slate

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Assembly Democrats CA 18 District Election: Back Bonta’s Slate

Starting now, at least for the barbeque, the California Democratic Party will hold its delegate vote for representatives from Assembly District 18. Now, at this point, you may be wondering why I’ve elected to blog about it now. Well, three main reasons: 1) very few others have and its never considered mainstream , even though it is, 2) many already elected officials are involved, and 3) others who are authors on my blog and involved in today’s procedings didn’t make a post. That said, I tend to avoid it because it’s a popularity contest: the more of your friends you can get to come on down and vote for you, the better chance you stand to win.

I’m more of a policy person than a political one, so the gossip on who backstabbed whom does me little joy when I consider the giant ranks of people made homeless while the rest of us get caught up in the political scandal of the day. Frankly, any politician who can’t see that we have a homeless crisis, and act accordingly to stop it, should be unceremoniously bounced from office, head first. With that, I’ll get off my soap box and focus back on, as Pamela Price calls them “The ADEM Elections.”

I refer to the former candidate for Alameda County District Attorney and Mayor of , because she has the only reasonably informative blog and post on the subject, so I’ll turn to Price’s work.

She writes…

In 2019 and 2020, the ADEMS elected to the State Party will make two critical choices: (1) who will lead the State Party following the resignation of the disgraced Party Chair; and (2) who will be endorsed for President by the California Democratic Party.

Eric Bauman, is the “disgraced Party Chair” Ms. Price refers to. The first openly gay head of the state Democratic Party, Bauman (who’s a Facebook friend I’ve never met in person, as is true for a number of Democrats) wound up serving the shortest executive career since that pope who got poisoned, when he was bounced due to claims of sexual misconduct. So, that seat’s open, as is the one marked “President of the California Democratic Party.” But then Price gets to the real nitty gritty that marks the vote that’s about to go down in a few…

Price writes…

The stakes are high and the battle is intense. In Assembly District 18 (AD18), the incumbent slate of progressives who won in 2016 is facing a stiff challenge organized by Assemblyman Rob Bonta. The “East Bay Unbossed” slate includes …and I’ll stop there. It includes people who were part of the party that stood by and allowed the homeless problem to form. Time for new leadership.

Since this is a popularity contest, and Rob Bonta’s assembled candidates who are already elected officials in some cases, or have done excellent political community work in other cases, I’m going to back the Bonta slate: Sean Dugar, Nikki Fortunato Bas, Gray Harris, Sheng Thao, Jeff DelBono, Dwayne C. Ealy, Kim Carter Martinez, Tonya D. Love, Gary Jimenez, Yonatan Landau, Mari Perez-Ruiz, Malia Vella, John Knox White, and Jeremy Wolff.

But whatever you do, don’t boo, vote! Me? I’m in Georgia for my Mom.

Stay tuned.


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