Antonio Brown Helmet Maker Schutt Says Legal Air XP Q11 Design Better For Raiders Wide Receiver

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Los Angeles – For those of you Oakland Raiders Fans who live under a rock All Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was missing from camp over the weekend. The initial reason according to the Oakland Raiders was due to his frostbitten feet;which Brown suffered during cryotherapy in France.

Raiders Antonio Brown Schutt Air Advantage Helmet
Raiders Antonio Brown Schutt Air Advantage Helmet (courtesy Flipboard)

Soon after it was revealed not only was it Antonio Brown’s feet that were a problem, but also his Schutt Air Advantage Helmet which is currently on the NFL ban list because the model was more than 10 years old. The Air Advantage manufacturing run was stopped during the 2009 -10 season.

It was originally believed that an NFL loophole would allow for models deemed less than 10 years old to be refurbished for NFL regulation standards. After acquiring several Air Advantage helmets through a social media plea, a reconditioned helmet was sent to (NOCSAE) The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment for testing.

Unfortunately, the reconditioned helmet was not certified by the organization and the Oakland Raiders and Antonio Brown were notified early Sunday morning of the NFL decision not to certify a reconditioned Air Advantage helmet, thus essentially closing the loophole Antonio Brown was hoping would allow him to wear his desired helmet.

My source who has asked for anonymity said: “It’s not that easy to make a new helmet . . .at minimum it would take 3 to 4 months to make a new mold” let alone a new customize helmet.

I decided to keep investigating and I was able to track down the NFL Schutt representative for the Raiders: Charlie McMillan. My conversation with Mr. McMillan was brief. He would not go into detail regarding Antonio Brown’s current helmet situation. I had asked McMillan if it was true regarding the 3 to 4 month time frame to create a new mold for Brown’s helmet? Charlie McMillan refused to answer any questions and reiterated he cannot say anything with regards to the Antonio Brown situation, stating “I’m staying away from answering any questions without Glenn Beckmann present.”

Glenn Beckmann handles media and client relations for Schutt and has the title of “Director,Marketing Communications.”

Schutt Helmet’s Glenn Beckmann Says Brown Should Use Air XP Q11 Over Air Advantage

At 2:30 PST Mr. Glenn Beckmann returned my phone call. Mr. Beckmann started our conversation with “I can’t get into specific details regarding any specific player or team” He evidently received a call from Raiders Schutt Rep (McMillan) about my Antonio Brown Helmet inquires. He was able to answer my questions regarding helmets. According to Mr. Beckmann the Air Advantage was created in 2002 and was the last in the series of helmets to use traditional padding material inside the helmet.

The only reason the very popular Air Advantage was discontinued according to Beckmann was that it outlived its useful life due to technological advancements. Current NFL Helmets are made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), a far more advanced substance than previous helmet technology.

Ironically, both my source and Beckmann independently of each other has stated the Air XP Q11 has a very similar design to the Air Advantage. The difference being manufacturing technology and modifications in the ventilation and ear holes.

Glenn Beckmann further went on to say “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want a safer
helmet” Regarding the helmets sight lines Beckman was emphatic that the sight lines if not the same are very similar to the Air Advantage.

So the question is will Antonio Brown sit out the season waiting for a customize helmet to be made? Or, will Brown play with any of Schutt existing helmet models?

Antonio Brown Helmet Update: Brown Said To Have Filed New Grievance

According to Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk, Brown’s filed another helmet-related grievance as of Monday. That said, he’s in training with the Raiders, having shown up on Monday of this week.

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