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Amber Eikel – Frank Somerville Suspended By KTVU News Director, Who’s Now Called Racist On Social Media

On Friday, Rich Lieberman blogged that popular KTVU Anchor Frank Somerville was suspended by KTVU News Director Amber Eikel and Human Resources Manager Chris Nohr. But even though that decision was based more on Frank’s questionable and hard-to-watch performance last week, and earlier this year (see KTVU Frank Somerville Suspended For Gabby Petito Social Media Debate – Answering Your Questions ) than the issue of social media posts not made, but Frank wanted to make about racism in media and the coverage of Gabby Petito, that became the story.

See, Frank Somerville, as the father of a Black adopted daughter, has something personal to say about that.

In other words, the number one American social problem of racism did two things: moved Frank Somerville from a bit-player in the Gabby Petito story to his own story, and branded Amber Eikel as some kind of racist working on behalf of white corporate bosses.

Who Is KTVU News Director Amber Eikel?

One thing is clear, on Twitter, Amber Eikel’s being tarred and feathered big time over Frank’s suspension:

Shame on you. Protecting elitism, supremacy, and fragility are horrible traits to be known by. The first time I’ve ever heard of you, it is because you are against minorities and protecting colonialism and the power structure. You are a dishonorable person to represent us in the news.

And while no tweet has yet used the word “racist” to describe Amber Eikel, a number of code-words have been used like “FOX news” and to some others in media, Fox News is racist.

While I think, again, that the reasons for Frank’s suspension are more than related to social media desires, Amber has not done a thing to quel the idea that social media and a desire to avoid racism in media talk was, indeed, the only reason Frank was jettisoned. It’s clear that, as news director, Amber is used to taking the hits in the court of public opinion. Just one Google search of her name shows that.

Rich Lieberman Made An Unflattering And Sexist Post About Her In 2020 Out Of Anger Regarding Her Actions

While I support my friend’s blogs, I don’t support the nastiness he sometimes brings to the table, particularly towards women, and one example of that is in a post that he made about Amber, and one that just may be the real reason she doesn’t want people at the station talking to him. Buckle up because what you’re about to read can burn a hole through your carpet or your flooring.

Ditzy KTVU Incompetent News Boss, Amber Eikel Lost a Newsroom and Here’s Why

This is why KTVU has zero stature anymore and is surviving on basic instinct and nothing else and I do mean NOTHING ELSE.
It has a ditzy, incompetent news director, Amber Eikel, a brainless former cocktail server who dresses like a Sears women’s shoes department clerk on the fourth floor. 
Only the sales clerks have more guile and creativity.
Eikek hasn’t a clue. She’s lost a newsroom. She’s not funny, smart, or worthy. She’s a tool. A Fox tool.
It was Eikel that thought it would be cool to allow Claudine Wong some nighttime visibility while Frank Somerville recovers from a bout with the stomach flu. This wouldn’t be such a big deal only the incompetent Eikel lost the newsroom over this dumb move. 
Because Wong isn’t a nighttime player. Where’s the news judgement? Probably stuck in a Emeryville whore house on San Pablo avenue.
Eikel is to news acumen as Mel Gibson is to emceeing a bar-mitzvah.

Amber Elikel Online Is Hard To Define

It’s hard to find a video that really expresses who Amber Eikel is (and she needs to change that) but I did manage to find these videos she made (even though she needs some lessons in vlogging as most journalists do).

But then there’s the Nia Wilson incident. That’s in 2018 and where KTVU came under fire for using a photo of the Mac Arthur BART Station murder victim that was said to show her with a weapon when she did not have one, and in total portrayed the black community in a negative light. Amber Eikel was the news director then; she still has her job today. And for good reason: for all of the racist errors one may point to, a look at her Linkedin page (where she leaves off where she went to school for some reason) shows that Amber understands how to move up in the broadcast news business. She started as a web writer for KMIR in 1999 and then stints at WTMJ and KNTV Las Vegas, then came KIRO before arriving at KTVU in April of 2011 and moving her way up the ladder to Vice President of News in April of 2017.

And in receiving the News Director of the Year Award From, Amber was described as “collaborative”. In talking about how she handled the COVID-19 siutation, reported this; “She’s the most collaborative news director I’ve seen in,” KTVU senior VP, general manager Mellynda Hartel said. “She has strong communications skills working with her department, but also with me and with the other department heads. But she also has a can-do attitude, so when we had to go remote in three days, she just said, ‘We’ll figure it out.’ ”

So, it’s a fair bet that whatever the real reason was for Frank Somerville’s suspension, Amber Eikel had backing from her colleagues. In other words, I really think there’s more to this than race, but Amber Eikel, at some point, has to come out of hiding and clear the air, if only for the good of KTVU. Now, she’s part of the Frank Somervile Story, and not in a good way.

Stay tuned.

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