Aidan Cook Taking Mic From Kamala Harris Was Racist, Sexist At California Democratic Convention

Aidan Cook Taking Mic From Kamala Harris Was Racist, Sexist At California Democratic Convention

ONN – Aidan Cook Taking Mic From Kamala Harris Was Racist, Sexist At California Democratic Convention

The sad act of Democratic Presidential Candidates having their mics taken away from them by unknown, spotlight-seeking, protestors continued on Saturday, as a 24-year-old Oakland Man named Aidan Cook walked up on stage at the event, and went to take the microphone away from California Senator Kamela Harris.

Aidan Cook’s act was racist and sexist, and it’s purely awful that the organization he represents “Direct Action Everywhere”, put out a press release and took a victory lap for his actions. If Aiden Cook did that to President Donald Trump, his security detail would have beaten the crap out of him, on stage. So, it’s no wonder you never see these folks take such action against white Republican male politicians: they’re afraid of what they will do.

That’s just the fact – and the reason Democrats could lose the Presidential election yet again: not tough. No one should have allowed Aidan to even get on stage, let alone take the mic from Senator Harris. There was no real reason for what was done other than racism and sexism.

Direct Action Everywhere’s press release said that Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren were, as, they put it…

The activists say the candidates’ continued support of animal agriculture — despite increasing evidence of the public health threats, environmental damage, and animal cruelty in the industry — goes against their stated values. For example, the 2018 Farm Bill, which received near-unanimous Democratic Party support (including Sanders, Booker, and Warren), approved over $100 billion in corporate subsidies and rejected activist requests to prevent handouts to millionaires and billionaires. Other examples include:

Elizabeth Warren acting as a 2018 co-sponsor on the proposed Dairy PRIDE Act, which would prohibit plant-based milk alternatives, such as soy milk or almond milk, from using the word “milk” in their labeling.
Bernie Sanders’s history of protecting the dairy industry, including advocating for subsidies for corporate farms.

No mention of Senator Kamala Harris in the press release. Aidan Cook says he did it just because she’s a sitting senator. That’s not true: he did it because he and Direct Action Everywhere viewed her as a vulnerable black woman they could take advantage of. Cory Booker was there, and Aidan didn’t rush him. Mr. Cook plotted to take Harris’ voice from her. And guess what, that’s what happened. let that happen. The Democratic Party let that happen.

Direct Action Everywhere should stop doing this – they’re not gaining allies. And try and do that to Donald Trump during one of his speeches. You won’t do it, and it’s because you’re afraid to take on a white male Republican’s voice.

Direct Action Everywhere’s actions were racist and sexist. They just may be trying to help the GOP.

Democratic Party Must Stop The Creeping Racism That Exists In It

The Democratic Party, and in particular, the California Democratic Party, must stop the creeping racism that has contaminated the party. It comes out in small ways like how the press is handled: anyone who’s white gets “walk on” access to a stage or backstage, as happened at Moscone Center. Meanwhile, the few black press that’s there (I was the only one of two) are looked at with extra special scrutiny.

The habit was so bad, I called to a security guard, a black man, who let a white press guy just walk right by him and into the backstage area at the California Democratic Convention. He went and got him. But he said to me “I didn’t see him” – it was because, to the black man, a white man should be back there, but not someone black. A sad statement on the party.

Consider that has to be the way Aidan Cook wound up getting on stage at the MoveOn event. If he were a black guy, someone would have stopped him.

Stay tuned.

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