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Kareem Hunt got lucky, but 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger still has to live with the horror of being physically attacked all after an innocent search for a good time in Cleveland.

The title sums up a story that could have been avoided if one once-loved, but still valued star NFL player had kept his cool and remembered that a man should never hit a woman. Somewhere in the head of Kareem Hunt that message didn’t get to him.

Lest you think I’m blaming the once-great star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs, the answer is no. And I’m not blaiming 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger, the apparent seeker of company with Kareem Hunt, either.

Nope. I’m blaming this on the National Football League.


Because the NFL gave Kareem Hunt the position and the money and the lack of training to go out, get drunk, leave his other girl friend Julianne Orso, and wind up in a situation at a hotel place called the Metropolitan at the 9, where he’s lucky something worse didn’t happen.

On top of that, the League then lets the media form a narrative that separates the player’s actions from itself. So, the player’s discarded into societal oblivion, but the NFL thrives on.

The NFL has the money, connections, and resources to have a special website and dating pool of eligible women all pre-screened by the league – and special clubs and dwellings, too. And before you scoff at the idea, just what do you think you’re doing when you wipe left or right on Tinder? What about that special country club? Think about it.

The NFL must take a far more proactive role in the growth and development of its young players. Right now, the league acts like these young post-teenagers are 50-year-old men, with all of the experience and wisdom that goes with such a place in life. The reality is many NFL players are poor, black, and come from broken homes. Football is seen as a way out and on to a better life.

It’s Time To Nationalize The National Football League

It should be seen as massively screwed up that the NFL doesn’t make sure these men see that better life. It should also be seen by Congress that the NFL changes its stripes on this.

So far, the NFL has proven it can’t be trust to fix itself.

Between Ray Rice, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and other players caught in recent incidents of domestic violence, and the NFL’s unpopular team relocations, particularly the Oakland Raiders, the League’s making a great case for its nationalization.

That’s right: an NFL ran by Congress. Not owned by it, just overseen by it and partially financed by it. A new way of running the most powerful sports league in the World. But all the better for it to produce players who are better men in society.

Why not? The NFL’s not making them better people, so it has to be made to make its players better people.

I am not putting NFL players down, not at all. But I am saying the NFL has to take responsibility for the environment it creates for them. I’m certain Abigail Ottinger would agree.

The NFL has to shape up. Or else.

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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