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Aerial Technologies Announces The Motion Capture Plug At CES Las Vegas 2020

The Motion Capture Plug by Aerial Technologies at CES Las Vegas 2020 in this press release to Zennie62Media for CES Las Vegas 2020.

Aerial Technologies Motion Capture Plug
Aerial Technologies Motion Capture Plug

Montreal – Ahead of CES Las Vegas 2020, Aerial Technologies, pioneer in WiFi Motion Intelligence, is launching the first dedicated WiFi Motion device. The Motion Capture Plug™ gives broader market access to Aerial’s WiFi Motion Technology.

The Aerial Technologies Motion Capture Plug for CES Las Vegas 2020 can be placed in any power outlet and immediately starts providing insights on the motion activity in a given area. The device can be used in the home, workplace, residence, hospital, hotel, or anywhere motion intelligence can be used to improve the quality of life of its users.

“We are very excited about the new opportunities that the Motion Capture Plug creates for Aerial Technologies and our customers,” says David Grant, CEO and Co-founder of Aerial Technologies, “We are solving the issue of industry access to affordable intelligent technology. We have noticed a number of markets that can benefit from having a solution that integrates into the existing WiFi infrastructure. The Motion Capture Plug unlocks the accessibility to WiFi Motion technology for those markets.”

Combined with a comprehensive set of open APIs, the Motion Capture Plug™ enables Service providers to leverage motion intelligence to create new or augment existing consumer and business applications. Applications include Elder Care, Security, Energy Management, Home automation and Remote Patient Monitoring, giving increased peace of mind to customers through affordable intelligent solutions.

“We have been testing Aerial Technologies’ solution and we are eager to continue working with the team on their new Motion Capture Plug to develop a new set of solutions for our customer base,” says Serge Legris, Vice President & Chief Technology Planning Officer at Videotron. “We are excited by the great potential of the new solution. It aligns with Videotron’s objective of always bringing new and innovative smart home services to our customers”.

You can see a live demo of the Motion Capture Plug at CES Las Vegas 2020, write to marketing@aerial.ai to schedule a meeting.

To learn more about the Aerial Technologies WiFi Motion Intelligence platform, visit www.aerial.ai

About Aerial Technologies:

Established in 2015, Aerial Technologies is a pioneer in WiFi motion detection technology. Their SaaS-enabled technology leverages existing WiFi signals to detect motion and recognize human activity without the need for cameras, sensors or wearables. Aerial’s patented technology analyzes distortions in WiFi signals and uses machine learning to infer human activities and enable customers and partners to build consumer and enterprise applications. Aerial Technologies leading experts’ team are paving the way to the future of motion for the technology community.

Learn more: www.aerial.ai

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