Oakland District Four Councilmember Sheng Thao

ADEM 18 Election Results: Assembly Democratic Delegates CA 18 District Winners List

The election for Assembly Democratic Delegates in Calfornia Assembly District 18 was held at the College of Alameda Sunday, January 27th, and drew a 1,100 person turn-out, according to observers. Congratulations to the following people, two of them new Oakland councilmembers, and in no particular order: Nikki Fortunado Bas, Tonya Love, Sheng Thao, Malia Vella, Kisha Orr, Nina Moore, Mari Perez Ruiz, Rabia Keeble, Kimberly Carter Martinez, Sean Dugar, Matt Hummel, Dwayne Ealy, Gary Jiminez, John Knox White, Austin Tam, Jeremy Wolff, and Dan Wood. (The two new Oakland councilmembers are Sheng Thao in District Four, and Nikki Fortunado Bas in District Two.)

(As a note, thanks to Sean Dugar, who informed me that “Matt (Hummel), Rabia (Keeble), and Kimberly (Carter) didn’t actually get elected. They are runner-ups, who if someone that won can’t attend moves or declines the role, they take office.”)

Now, for those of you wondering, what the heck does this mean? Basically, it means you get to represent the California Democratic Party. Here’s the CDEM explanation:

The Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS) are held every two years (Saturday, January 12 or Sunday, January 13 and Saturday, January 26 or Sunday, January 27 of 2019) to elect
7 “self-identified female” and 7 “other than self-identified female” to be Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) to represent the Assembly District they are registered as a Democrat in.  
AD Delegates to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region and working with other DSCC delegates throughout California to represent their community. 

AD Delegates are elected by voters (to participate in the ADEM you MUST be a registered Democrat in that Assembly District).

AD Delegates vote on behalf of the community they represent at CDP Regional Meetings, the California Democratic Party Convention, and those who are also elected to serve as an Executive Board member are responsible for voting and representing their community at the semi-annual E-Board meetings.


This space is not going to get into the politics behind the outcome, except to say congratulations to California Assemblyman and new political Godfather, Rob Bonta, who’s slate and politicking to get it promoted and voted on, worked!

And special congratulations to the always texting Mari Perez Ruiz, who enjoyed her victory in the appropriate fashion…

All Rob lacks now is a pinky ring.

Stay tuned.

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