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Tetra Tech EC Hunters Point $18 Million Lawsuit Thrown Out By Court

San Francisco, CA – Evidence from regulators and court victories for Tetra Tech EC continue to support the environemental engineering company’s position that it acted properly in remediating Hunters Point…


Salesforce Transit Center To Re-Open July 1st, Experts Say It’s Safe To Use

Salesforce Transit Center will re-open July 1st says the Transbay Joint Powers Authority in this release. San Francisco, CA – Salesforce Transit Center will re-open July 1st, as experts declare…


Oakland Athletics Ballpark Fan Rally Livestream At Jack London Square

Richard Haick, Zennie62Media Vlogger, is our man at the Oakland Athletics New Ballpark Fan Rally at Jack London Square. Here’s the video livestream: This event is ahead of the Port…


Singer Associates: SF Public Relations Firm Wins “PR Agency of the Year”

Singer Associates in SF (San Francisco) scores “PR Agency of the Year” 2019. Singer Associates public relations firm San Francisco, a leading California public affairs and corporate communications agency, was…


The Aeolians Of Oakwood University Free Concert In San Francisco May 5th

The Aeolians Of Oakwood University Free Concert In San Francisco May 5th, Third Baptist Church ONN – The Aeolians Of Oakwood University Free Concert In San Francisco May 5th, Third…


Jesse Jackson In San Francisco And Oakland To Call To Stop Violence Against Muslims

Rev. Jackson will appear at Third Baptist Church in San Francisco and in Oakland at Skyline High School today, Friday. San Francisco—The Rev. Jesse Jackson will address what is expected…


SB 50 Wiener Will Only Cause More Gentrification, Here’s Why

California State Senator Scott Wiener (SD 11 – San Francisco) has pushed legislation known as “SB 50” for some time now, claiming that it will add more affordable housing to…


TJPA Transit Center Steel Problem Info Spotlights 2016, Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, Not 2017-2018

 It’s November 5th , 2018, and the Salesforce Transit Center, or what this blogger calls “The House That Maria Ayerdi Kaplan built,” opened to much fanfare on August 12th…


Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan Target Of Fake News In Salesforce Transit Center, Webcor – Obayashi Lawsuit

The fake accounts in the news don’t at all match the real story we have on Maria Ayerdi Kaplan. Zennie62Media is not the official spokesperson for Ms. Ayerdi Kaplan, however it would be a mistake not to address what was written in other news posts, because they do not reflect her story as presented in our blog, Oakland News Now.


Maria Ayerdi Kaplan Speech On Roger Penrose Design For Salesforce Transit Center SF

San Francisco, CA – Maria Ayerdi Kaplan , Developer and Executive Director of The Transbay Joint Powers Authority unveiled something called “The Penrose Rhombus Tiling Design on July 11, 2013…


Maria Ayerdi Kaplan, Turner, Webcor – Obayashi Focused On Salesforce Transit Center Safety Says 2015 Release

The Salesforce Transit Center 2nd crack in a steel beam, and the news that the last inspection of the steel said to be cracked today was in January of 2016,…


Salesforce Transit Center Closed Due To Cracked Steel Beam Under Roof-Top Park – Cost-Cutting Efforts To Blame?

On Tuesday, September 25th, there were reports of a crack that was discovered in a steel beam that supports the roof top garden called “Salesforce Park” of the $2.2 billion…


Maria Ayerdi Kaplan Not “Ousted”: Salesforce Transit Center Cost Overruns From Market Forces, Not Her

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan Wrongly “Outsted”, Salesforce Transit Center Cost Overruns From Market Forces, Not Her