Amazon HQ NYC Pullout Seen As Win For New York Citizens

Amazon elected to stop plans to build its long-discussed second headquarters in New York City. Unlike the incomplete reports on mainstream media, specifically CNN, the reason for Amazon’s decision, from … Read More

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal Outline Full Text

New York City Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released the outline of what is called “The Green New Deal” today, and standing in front of a large set of lawmakers including California’s … Read More

Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated Writer, RIP: Said NFL Became Black Game, Blasted Katie Couric

Then, we turned to Katie Couric: “I really don’t understand. What does she do for $15 mil (a year)? She’s not a Walter Cronkite. She’s not an Edward R. Murrow. She’s doesn’t change the course of history or our lives. She’s a pretty face”, he said.

Steven Donziger, Chevron Ecuador Lawyer, Now Stripped Of Law License In Washington D.C., On Top of New York State

Steven Donziger has taken a sad and giant fall from grace in the wake of his fraudulent scheme to extort billions of dollars from Chevron Oil Company, and for alleged … Read More

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