Trump Capitol Rally Points To Plan To Keep Trump As POTUS Even If He Lost 2020 Election

To start, this Trump Rally blog post is, at this point, a purely speculative work, designed to help tie together what is at this point a disparate set of facts … Read More

San Francisco Chaos Large Twitter Protest By White Supremacists As Police Push Protesters Back

San Francisco Chaos Large Twitter Protest Police Push Protesters Back From YouTube Channel: October 17, 2020 at 09:34PM ONN – San Francisco Chaos Large Twitter Protest Police Push Protesters Back … Read More

Oakland Forgot Economic Development And It Shows In The Very Condition Of The City

The Oakland that I knew is dead. It was a city that had over 100 job training programs and several low interest loan and grant programs for businesses. It was … Read More

Rebecca Kaplan Blasts Mike Pence Lies About Oakland White Supremacist Murder Of Dave Underwood

OAKLAND COUNCIL PRESIDENT REBECCA KAPLAN DENOUNCES PENCE’S LIES ABOUT A WHITE SUPREMACIST MURDER IN OAKLAND Oakland – Vice President Mike Pence’s speech during the Republican National Convention contained deeply misleading … Read More

The Proud Boys, Racist Alt-Right Group, Plan Meeting At Oakland’s Make Westing Bar For July 23rd

The Proud Boys, seen as a racist, alt-right group that was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, the Vice Media co-founder, are coming to Oakland’s Make Westing Bar to start … Read More

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