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Kaiser Permanente Oakland Nurse Desperate For Facemasks, Leaves Note On Nextdoor

Kaiser Nurse Needs MasksKaiser Nurse Needs Masks
(Last Updated On: March 21, 2020)

Oakland – This is how bad the need for masks at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland is: a nurse took to Nextdoor to make this request:

Hi everyone, I am a Registered Nurse at Kaiser Oakland. As you all know there is a grave shortage of masks and other protective equipment. The hospital is no longer giving us N95’s to use while caring for possible COVID-19 patients, and slowly people on the front lines have begun to get sick. Currently nurses get a single SURGICAL mask and a paper bag from the hospital and we must use this mask over and over again in multiple patients’ rooms. The contaminated mask is stored in a paper bag to be reused possibly exposing the wearer to the virus.
The CDC suggests using homemade masks or a bandana around the face if in dire straits… Please help protect us so we can serve our community and fulfil our calling safely. This is my DESPERATE plea for N95 Donations, OR even surgical mask donations. ❤️ thank you.

(I’ve attached a photo of my surgical mask I used for 2 shifts. I was lucky to get a face shield that day.)

***UPDATE: 2 of my dear friends from the neighborhood have volunteered in this effort to get as many masks to as many nurses as possible.
For PICKUPS: Please message —
For DROPOFFS: Please message —

My phone number is –. (Unfortunately) I have been working nights this last week and so I have been sleeping during the day. These 2 Ladies are helping us out. THANKYOU TO EVERYONE. I CANNOT SAY THAT ENOUGH. THANK YOU. 🙏🏾❤️

The request caused 65 responses, including these:

“Terrible, a true fiasco. Shameful. We will be learning for the future, but our collective lack of preparation is a travesty.”

“If I had a mildly used P100 (worn two years ago, not recently): do you want it? If so: where, exactly, would I bring it?”

“Where can we donate?”

“Hi. So tragic that you have to deal with this anxiety while taking care of people.I have about 10 masks, unfortunately not N95s , that I’d love to donate. Email me..”

“I am so sorry you are in this position.. please keep reaching out and asking for what you need.. and i wishing you strength and wellness.. i just heard 200 nurses in ny are out of commssion from having contracted. this is a terrible situation.”

Masks Needed For Visiting Kaiser Patients Too

Here is North Georgia, the Kaiser in Morrow, Georgia has masks for each employee. But Kaiser Georgia is also closing some offices, like the one in Fayetteville, Georgia, and sending people to the larger Morrow, Georgia facility. Why? A nurse shortage.

But in sending patients to Morrow, Georgia, Kaiser’s bringing more germy people in the place than personnel they apparently have that can clean it up. The result is that if you visit and don’t have a mask, you just might catch something. I say that, because it happened to me.

This is what I texted a friend:

I took Mom to Kaiser. They have the workers wearing masks; all throughout the facility in Morrow GA. None for the visitors. I asked for a mask after other workers told me that I could get one. This one clerk lied and said they did not have any, then let it slip that they only give them if you’re sick. BS.

The place was a fucking Petri dish of germs! They’re not telling you something: you can get this fast in an environment where it’s festering. They either don’t know or are trying to kill us all.

Mom was right that I just needed rest. Get your rest. The moment you are vulnerable, and out in a hospital without a mask you will get hit and feel tired in nothing flat.

Never experienced this before. I was already with vitamins and nourishment so that saved me along with a really good diet.

But what is happening is scary. Mom is fine and may have some immunity to it. Whatever the the case I am thankful.

But this virus. We are not being told something about it’s origins. Maybe I am being too dramatic but it seems like a bio weapon.

I am better but really going to stay in as much as I can. I was doing that but needed to take Mom to get her medicine. The local Kaiser closed to we came to the other one. Why? Nurse shortage!

Best. Zennie

This was the video I made at the Kaiser “Southwood” facility:

Stay tuned.

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