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Moms 4 Housing Squatters Urged To Reconsider Wedgewood Offer Of Shelter

Wedgewood, the Office of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Moms 4 Housing reach agreement.Wedgewood, the Office of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Moms 4 Housing reach agreement.
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2020)

Oakland, CA — Wedgewood today again urged the Moms 4 Housing group which is illegally in its home in Oakland at 2928 Magnolia St. to leave voluntarily and peacefully and encouraged them to accept the company’s offer of free temporary shelter and moving costs.

“We are disheartened to read in Tweets and posts about the Moms 4 Housing squatter’s group statement that rejected the company’s offer of temporary shelter for two months and moving costs to be paid for by Wedgewood to Catholic Charities of the East Bay to assist the women and their children who are illegally in the company’s home.

“We again encourage the women to accept this offer before eviction. As we have said all along, we respect what they are saying, but we cannot condone the theft of the company’s home. We hope they see that we continue to reach out and ask them to depart our home voluntarily and peacefully. That is in the best interest of all parties,” said Wedgewood spokesman Sam Singer.

The Moms 4 Housing group lost a court case Friday when a judge confirmed they have no valid claim to Wedgewood’s home. They face eviction by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department in the coming days. The group broke in and has been in the home illegally since Nov. 18 last year.

Yesterday, in an effort to provide shelter and to move the Moms 4 Housing group’s belongings out of its home, Wedgewood offered to pay Catholic Charities to house them for the next two months so the mothers and their children can find new accommodations.

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