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CES Las Vegas 2020: Korea’s Saltlux Has AI Solutions For Autonomous Driving, VR/AR, RPA

CES 2020 Las VegasCES 2020 Las Vegas
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

SEOUL, KOREA (press release to Zennie62Media) – At CES Las Vegas 2020 Saltlux, Korea’s leading artificial intelligence company, will unveil its latest AI solutions, gearing up to enter the global market.

Saltlux, under the theme of “United Solutions of AI”, will use CES Las Vegas 2020 to showcase how AI is applied to our lives and business in the era of augmented intelligence, particularly in autonomous driving, VR/AR and RPA fields.

Saltlux will participate in CES Las Vegas 2020 with 3 partners – INFINIQ (data collection from self-driving cars), FRONTIS(industrial VR and AR), and SYMATION (RPA) – and introduce solutions jointly developed with partners, showcasing how those AI solutions will innovate our daily/professional life.

The following AI solutions will be showcased at CES Las Vegas 2020:

– Knowledge-base deep conversation system “TalkBot”
– Asia’s largest knowledge graph-based data inference and translation tool “Knowledge Graph”,
– BQA algorithm, deep learning-based IRQA and machine reading comprehension technology-based deep question answering engine “Deep QA.” The services will be provided in 7 different languages including Korean, English, Japanese and Vietnamese, and more languages will be added in 2020.

“Korea is considered as one of the fast-growing AI markets and local leaders in technologies and solutions are emerging in the global market,” said Tony Lee, CEO of Saltlux. “We will release a global AI platform in 16 languages including French, German, and Spanish in 40 countries around the word within the next 3 years.”

As Korea’s leading AI company, Saltlux is spearheading the development of artificial intelligence and big data technologies, with 194 patents (including PCT), the biggest number among domestic AI companies, and over 15 billion pieces of accumulated knowledge data which is Asia’s largest. The company provides both audio and visual intelligence based on a million-word corpus and over 20,000 hours of voice data. For the last 10 years, the company has been focusing on supplying AI platforms for building AI customer centers and chatbot for customer service as well as supplying big data platforms for unstructured data and customer voice analysis and public big data analysis. Recently, the company expanded into the AI OpenAPI service and cloud-based subscription service businesses that include data science SaaS service, data collection at scale, and cognitive analysis.

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