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Tetra Tech EC EPA Report At Hunters Point Shipyard In S.F. Inconclusive


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(Last Updated On: August 5, 2019)

San Francisco – A preliminary report by the U.S. EPA on work done by Tetra Tech EC in the clean-up of the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is inconclusive and does not demonstrate falsification of data by the environmental engineering firm, according to EPA documents.

The preliminary EPA report that analyzed allegations of fraud against Tetra Tech EC says that there was the “potential” for fraud in the data it reviewed, but it does not come to the conclusion that any fraud was committed. The EPA report was not based on original research, but instead was a cursory review that drew upon no original work by EPA scientists.

In fact, the U.S. Navy signed off and reviewed all the work done at Hunters Point Shipyard in 2014 after anomalies were discovered in the radiological clean-up of the low-level site.

It turned out these anomalies were a limited number of fraudulent examples that where perpetrated by two low-level employees, Stephen C. Rolfe and Justin E. Hubbard, who were charged and sent to prison for a year for their misdeeds.

M. Reza Shirazi

M. Reza Shirazi

Unfortunately, M. Reza Shirazi, a visitor at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) at UC Berkeley, a vocal supporter of the plaintiffs against Tetra Tech EC, continues to spread false and misleading information.

In a recent story in the San Francisco Bayview newspaper, Mr. Shirazi repeats this falsehood along with unscientific and misleading information designed as scare tactics to support the lawsuits of plaintiffs in the case against Tetra Tech EC.

It’s disturbing to see UC-Berkeley allow visiting guests to sully the university’s name and its credibility through questionable posts in an activist newspaper.

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