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Sergio Aragonés Of Mad Magazine Will Be At Eisner Awards, San Diego Comic Con 2019


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(Last Updated On: July 14, 2019)

Sergio Aragonés, the famous cartoonist of Mad Magazine and Groo, will be a presenter at the 2019 Eisner Awards on Friday, July 19th, during San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Just seeing the name “Sergio Aragonés” reminds this vlogger of the 2011 interview I conducted with him at WonderCon, and when it was in San Francisco at Moscone Center. It started like this:

Ladies and gentlemen to some this man needs no introduction. He is Sergio Aragones, legend of Mad Magazine. How are you sir? Oh very good very good. How do you feel?

“First of all I’ve been alone – terrific!,” he joked, then continued: “We we come to these things to really get our head full of adulation. We’re just regular cartoonists you see there you work all day long they give the family and we have a great advantage in that our work is recognized on paper but not in person, so we have a very normal life. Yes, so, after three or four days of this, we can relax at home, and we understand who we’re working for, and that we have a complete following which is terrific.”

How did you come to be with Mad Magazine and why is Mad Magazine such a huge part of our culture ?

And here’s the rest of my interview with Sergio Aragonés:

See you at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Stay tuned.

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