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Oakland Coliseum Should Have Carts From Oracle Arena To BART


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Oakland Coliseum Should Have Carts From Oracle Arena To BART

ONN – Oakland Coliseum Should Have Carts From Oracle Arena To BART

A major problem for those who are disabled or in need of an aide due to any kind of problem with their legs while at Oracle Arena. If you have to walk, or in my case, want to walk from Oracle Arena to Coliseum BART Station, you have a problem.

The problem is the golf carts the facility has to take you are both few in number and only drive to the base of the uphill ramp that goes to the BART Pedestrian Bridge.

So, you first have to wait a long time for the golf cart, and it’s not in an area that’s marked with signs for the patronage to use the carts, then you have to try and walk the rest of the way. If you are experiencing leg pains, that is something just to the north of punishment.

The cart driver told me they will not let him drive up into and over the BART Bridge. That’s horrible. There is no excuse for that. Moreover, the elected officials and ex-elected officials and business folks who sit on the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority should know about these problems and fix them.

The Coliseum JPA has one person, Scott McKibben, who can do so much. He has done well. But the Oakland and Alameda County Officials have shown they really don’t care about the improvement of this multi-billion-dollar facility for fans.

This has to stop. Fix the Coliseum, ASAP. And I don’t want to hear about a sports team leaving. So? Get a new one. Do some work for God’s sakes. Help Mr. McKibben and Oakland Sports Fans!

Stay tuned.

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