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Paul Guenther, Oakland Raiders DC, Praises Vontaze Burfect As Defense’s QB


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(Last Updated On: June 4, 2019)

Paul Guenther, Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator, just pinned a new title on star free agent linebacker Vontaze Burfect: Quarterback.

In fielding media questions about the plusses of having former Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Vontaze Burfect with the Raiders, Coach Guenther took time to explain how much his presence helps him, since Burfect played in his system in Cincinnati. “He knows the calls and uses words that the other players haven’t heard, but he can get everyone where they’re supposed to be,” Gunther said.

Thus, we see the real advantage of Vontaze Burfect with the Oakland Raiders: not as an enforcer or a nasty player, but as a focal point – again, as a quarterback for the defense. As he continued to explain Burfect’s role, Coach Guenther’s voice rose in excitement. It’s easy to see that Gunther believes Burfect is the hub from which the spokes of the Raiders Defense extend.

The Paul Guenther view of the value of Vontaze Burfect is far more substantive than what the media has presented to the public. The media has tried to paint Mr. Burfect as something like a criminal. The reality is that Mr. Burfect is an intelligent and effective veteran football player. He just might be the missing man the Raiders needed to return to the NFL Postseason.

Stay tuned.

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