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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2019)

has news about a Nintendo Switch update in this release.

Austin, Tx – Indie publisher Digerati is pleased to confirm that , which was released earlier this year on Nintendo Switch, has been updated and now features an additional control scheme for players to choose from.

Accessible via a new Settings menu, the recently released patch brings the following extra options to the title:

Extra control scheme for a more intuitive set-up (Jump is mapped to B button on new input setting)
TV Filter (On/Off)
Screen Size/Ratio (Full 16:9 / Window 4:3)
Music (On/Off)
SFX (On/Off)

A number of reported bugs and text glitches have also been fixed as part of the update.

A similar patch has also been released for Odallus: The Dark Call.

NOTE: When the Switch/PS4 physical versions of and Odallus (published in partnership with Eastasiasoft) are released, the content of the patches will be included on the respective card/disc.

is out now for Nintendo Switch. PS4 and Xbox One versions are due to be released later this year at a still-to-be-confirmed date.

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