Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal, Politics, And Phil Tagami

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2019)

Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal And Politics

ONN – Bulk And Oversized Terminal, Politics, And

This is a video-blog companion to the post at Now called “Oakland Bulk & Oversized Terminal: Ask City Of Oakland Where Are The Jobs” and is a think-peace on how much of a role politics has played in the lack of progress-toward-completion the Bulk & Oversized Terminal has faced to date. Here’s three paragraphs from the post:

What happened to the promised jobs out at the old Army Base via the Bulk & Oversized Terminal? Ask the City Council and the City Attorney. Thousands of jobs and tens of thousands of worker hours for residents, new trade apprentices, and disadvantaged workers produced millions in employee income until recently when the City Of pulled the plug on the Bulk and Oversized Terminal . . . over politics against the developers and Insight Terminal Solutions.

The loss of the single-largest employer in , the Army Base and its 7,000 jobs, was the catalyst for converting the shuttered base to an active economic and employment engine for the City Of and the community workforce. After several failed proposals, the City finally moved forward with a global trade and logistics center, Global and the Bulk and Oversized Terminal.

A 2012 study projected that the project would produce between 1,840 and 2,335 full-time permanent on-site jobs and indirectly boost the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area regional economy with as many as 6,560 new jobs. The regional income produced from these jobs was estimated to be as much as $300 million for employees.

The point that’s made here is that there are people who want the OBOT not to be built so as to clear the way for more market rate housing and related development. That comes in direct conflict with the need for what OBOT will provide: sustainable employment.

Stay tuned.

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