Oakland Raiders Gruden, Mayock NFL Draft Fiasco Makes Reggie McKenzie Look Good

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)

Oakland Raiders Gruden, Mayock NFL Draft Fiasco Makes Reggie MacKenzie Look Good

ONN – Raiders Gruden, Mayock Draft Fiasco Makes Reggie McKenzie Look Good

The Raiders managerial dysfunction was revealed today, when Network’s Ian Rapport issued a tweet that read “Sources: #Raiders coach and GM sent their scouts home for the weekend and they are not expected to return by draft time. The belief is they don’t know who to trust and wanted to clear the room.” Seriously.

This is awful, and for one main reason: that the Raiders failed to have their employees and contractors sign non-disclosure agreements. Without that, someone, and undoubtedly one of the dismissed scouts, let it slip that the Raiders took this action. The Raiders are a private, for profit, company. They don’t have to disclose what should be considered as private personnel matters. To the degree that this got out to the public, it was done for one reason: to make it look like the Raiders have zero idea what they’re doing under Head Coach and General Manager . This is something that never happened when Reggie McKenzie was the GM.

For all of the slings and arrows Reggie McKenzie took for some of his Draft moves, I hope now that everyone sees why Reggie won the award of Executive of The Year by the Pro Football Writers. Many of those seasoned observers know how an organization is suppose to be ran, and it’s not like this.

All of this mess started when arrived. Coach Gruden was the one who brought in his own scouts, creating a divide between “his people” and Reggie’s people. Eventually, Reggie was pushed out, and reportedly his folks, too. Now, we have Gruden’s people and it seems they can’t get along with . And all of this was less than a year in the making and all made public.

It’s a fair bet one of the people behind the leak is Dave Razzano, the Raiders “Director of Football Research”, and a man famous for silly tweets saying that stars like Cam Newton were not going to succeed, and basing more value on Blane Gabbert. We know how that turned out.

Somewhere, Reggie MacKenzie is smiling as he prepares with the Miami Dolphins for the 2019 Draft.

Stay tuned.

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