YouTube Legal Fight: T-Series Sues PewDiePie Over Diss Vlogs

Friday 23rd of August 2019 02:52:21 AM GMT


YouTube Legal Fight: T-Series Sues PewDiePie Over Diss Vlogs

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2019)

YouTube Legal Fight: T-Series Sues PewDiePie Over Diss Vlogs

ONN – YouTube Legal Fight: T-Series Sues PewDiePie Over Diss Vlogs

A visit to check on PewDiePie news finds he’s in trouble again, in this feud with the multi-performer platform called T-Series. This time, T-Series has filed a lawsuit in a New Delhi court over claims that the famous YouTuber has made video-blogs that are “diss tracks” filled with racist language.

There are disputes as to the legitimacy of the lawsuit, and it’s not certain if PewDiePie even really cares about a legal action from a country he has no plans to visit, but if I were him, I’d look into it, just to avoid any surprises as he travels in the future. One look at what happened to Wikileaks Co-Founder Julian Assange is all one needs to understand the importance of not skipping out on international legal matters.

But, that said, the whole lawsuit reads bogus: how can an Indian court have any say over what was allegedly done on a video, and in a jurisdiction not in India? It would seem the court would say that it’s outside it’s place to weigh and point T-Series to seek help from YouTube itself.

Also, the specific claims of racism that T-Series issues are weird and circumstantial at best. Plus, there’s the issue of free speech with respect to a public figure – of which both T-Series and PewDiePie are. Proving that a diss track is not legal comes with a higher bar when you’re talking about two YouTube Stars with giant subscription bases.

Stay tuned.

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