About Katie Bouman Creator Of First Black Hole Image From Event Horizon Telescope

Dr. Katie BoumanDr. Katie Bouman

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2019)

About Katie Bouman Creator Of First Black Hole Image From Event Horizon Telescope

ONN – About Creator Of First Black Hole Image From

has worked on the imaging project for the for about 12 years.

(or Katherine L. Bouman) first learned about the in 2007, back in high school in West Lafayette, Indiana, then pursued it as work in college at the University of Michigan. Now, Dr. Bouman is a post-doctoral fellow at MIT and Assistant Professor at Caltech, the California Institute Of Technology.

UPDATE: Katie Bouman’s Black Hole Image Work: Not The Only Woman In Science

Here’s Professor Bouman’s TED Talk “How to take a picture of a black hole” from 2017:

From the video page:

At the heart of the Milky Way, there’s a supermassive black hole that feeds off a spinning disk of hot gas, sucking up anything that ventures too close — even light. We can’t see it, but its event horizon casts a shadow, and an image of that shadow could help answer some important questions about the universe. Scientists used to think that making such an image would require a telescope the size of Earth — until and a team of astronomers came up with a clever alternative. Bouman explains how we can take a picture of the ultimate dark using the .

Stay tuned.

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