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Oakland Coliseum JPA Meeting On Raiders Lease: NFL Rent Comparison

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

Oakland Coliseum JPA Meeting On Raiders Lease: NFL Rent Comparison

ONN – Oakland Coliseum JPA Meeting On Raiders Lease: NFL Rent Comparison.

At 8:30 AM, the Oakland-Alameda County Joint Powers Authority is set to take up the matter of the Coliseum Lease Extension for the Oakland Raiders.

The meeting includes a public vote, and while there will be a lot of grand-standing, the outcome should be a formality: the Raiders should be allowed to play seasons 2019 and 2020 in Oakland.

Given that, the main question is why this vlogger would make that claim: the answer is the rents associated with the lease will complete a journey that has seen the Silver and Black go from one of the lowest rent teams in the league to one of the top ten highest. But what does that look like? Here’s a comparison using as much public data as Zennie62Media could find:

Miami Dolphins $0.00
Cincinnati Bengals $0.00
Washington Redskins $0.00
LA Rams $0.00
Carolina Panthers $0.00
Los Angeles Chargers $1.00
Cleveland Browns $250,000.00
Detroit Lions $250,000.00
Arizona Cardinals $304,000.00
Tennessee Titans $362,319.00
Kansas City Chiefs $450,000.00
Buffalo Bills $800,000.00
Green Bay Packers $816,000.00
New York Jets $1,250,000.00
Jacksonville Jaguars $1,250,000.00
Indianapolis Colts $2,000,000.00
Dallas Cowboys $2,000,000.00
Pittsburgh Steelers $2,100,000.00
New York Giants $2,500,000.00
Arizona Cardinals $2,500,000.00
Denver Broncos $3,250,000.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3,500,000.00
Houston Texans $4,010,000.00
Chicago Bears $6,300,000.00
Oakland Raiders $6,975,000.00
Minnesota Vikings $8,500,000.00
Baltimore Ravens $9,700,000.00
Oakland Raiders in Year 2020 – $9,975,000.00
SF 49ers $24,000,000.00
Philadelphia Eagles N/A
New Orleans Saints NA

So, if the Las Vegas Stadium is not ready for NFL Season 2020, then the Oakland Raiders Coliseum Stadium Rent would go up to $9,975,000.00 – a $3 million increase. Overall, the Coliseum JPA would take in $5 million in profit spread over two years – the greatest year-to-year revenue take in the facility’s history.

In closing, the entire 26 page Coliseum JPA Report for this meeting, is available to read and download via this link:

Stay tuned.

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