Salesforce Transit Center Repair Update Livestream Vlog

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Salesforce Transit Center Repair Update Livestream Vlog

ONN – repairs advance.

The San Francisco-based (TJPA) issued this report update on the progress of repairs to the . The problem with rests in a set of cracked steel beams found at two locations within the structure of the facility, and on September of 2018. To expedite the process of fixing the problem, was closed, and remains shut off to the public.

At first, there was a fake news effort to cast blame for the problem on the visionary creator of the Transbay Transit Center Project, Maria Ayerdi Kaplan. Ignored by the mainstream media, Ms. Kaplan brought her story to Zennie62Media, where it was and still remains installed as a multi-page series at Now. Once the truth about her 19-year-involvement in the development of the Transbay Transit Center was released, the efforts by the others to tell false-hoods failed. And then, once the findings of the analysis related to the repair process were made public, those attempts to fashion a false story fizzled entirely.

The TJPA’s January 4th report explains…

1) ’s “Peer Review” Panel found that of four girder flanges, three girder flanges had “full flange width fractures.” The cracking culprit started with the very creation of the welding and then what are called “large, pop-in cracks” formed in two of the four flanges. Then, as opened, and was used by the public and the bus lines, the cracking problem became more acute.

2) Thornton Tomasetti finished its preliminary repair design, and also confirmed there was no additional damage to the beams.

3) A construction schedule to repair the girder flanges will be finished this month of January, then the repairs done, and the transit center reopened to the public.

Stay tuned.

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