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Post CES 2019 Las Vegas: VR Environments Should Have Health Disclaimer

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

Ever tried driving a car in a VR simulation and coming away dizzy? Or, how about getting dizzy during the VR event? That happened to me at CES Las Vegas, at Earthquake Sound’s racing car sim.

It’s a real cool and effective simulation of a stock car single track test ramp with you as the driver. Earthquake Sim has every dang visual and sound cue required to make you think you are there. Period.

So when I got dizzy after the final turn in the race, I could have kept going but I decided to get out of the World; I sat out the giant number of voices in my brain telling me to go and listened to the one that said stop. I just lifted the headphones off my headed and I was determined to be normal – to get ny head right.

VR Makers Need Warnings For How Not To Get Dizzy.

That is it, right?! That is all that is needed. A warning of what to do. Tell them to take off the dang glasses!

Stay tuned.

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