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Ellen Pompeo Shows #BBQBecky Whites How To Be Friends To Blacks, Social Media Applauds


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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Actress Ellen Pompeo made the statement, or statements, heard round the World, thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

Ellen Pompeo, during an interview with Net-A-Porter, which featured Gina Rodriguez, Gabrielle Union, and Emma Roberts, said White people have a duty to empower ethnic diversity in Hollywood. Watch this video from Net-A-Porter, first:

In the process Ellen gave what fellow actress Gabrielle Union called a “master class” in showing and telling how fellow white people can be allies in the fight for racial justice.  What she did especially applies to Oakland’s current social situation.

The reaction on social media, and in particular Twitter, is nothing short of explosive and teachable, as many, mostly people of color, tweet out parts of what Pompeo said, or engage in tweets of supportive comments, or go after a couch-potato conservative named DC McAllister for writing that Ellen’s stance was “bigotted” and full of “white guilt”

The tweets were unprecedented in the kind of blueprint for race relations they collectively call for:

Please take the time to watch the entire video. Whooooooooaaaanelly.— Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) November 20, 2018

In Oakland, with its #BBQBecky and #JoggerJoe controversies that served as sad national models in showing America that problems in race relations remain to be resolved in post-Obama, Trump-racism-fueled America, this ‘Moment of Ellen Pompeo’ just might save us all.  

Stay tuned.

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