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Testing The WordPress Mobile App During SNL

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

The first time I used the WordPress Mobile App, let’s just say things didn’t go so well. That is to say it basically didn’t work.

The app coding was such that the photo I installed literally bled out of the post boundary and covered the entire width of my blog’s theme. It produced a weird design that proceeded to cause my blog to stall and not properly close the post!

So I just deleted the app and forgot about the idea of doing true mobile blogging. For awhile.

Then, this year, I downloaded the WordPress Mobile App with the objective of giving it a go again.

So far, the app is working well on my iPhone 8 Plus, but let’s see what happens when I upload the content to be published.

Leiv Schrieber on SNL

That is Leiv Schrieber, the host of Saturday Night Live, tonight. So far he’s done a fantastic job. That’s another way of saying he didn’t totally blow his monologue. That said, he did flub a couple of words. Just enough to come off nervous, which is understandable.

It’s just national television, right?

So, here’s an update! I uploaded this post as a test and with the Leiv Schrieber photo as the featured image, and it worked! WHOOH!

For the first time, you are reading a mobile blog post on Oakland News Now or any Zennie62Media blog property.

Prior to this, I had the terrible bleed experience of something like six years ago. And my mobile posts have been from the YouTube App to Oakland News Now.

But this works. And it’s so cool!

Back to watching SNL… With a new kind of second screen action!

I have to add that this test wasn’t without a mishap. The app did cause the phone to freeze and that was after I tried to change the featured image.

I force quit the phone and then restarted it, opened the WordPress App, where I found the post in place, so I finished editing it and re-uploaded it.

In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, “IT WORKS!”

Stay tuned.

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Zennie Abraham is the CEO of Zennie62Media

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Zennie Abraham is the CEO of Zennie62Media

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