Maria Ayerdi Kaplan’s Salesforce Transit Center Security Plan Has Panel Barriers

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan’s Salesforce Transit Center Security Plan Includes BarricadesMaria Ayerdi Kaplan’s Salesforce Transit Center Security Plan Includes Barricades

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Today, ’s Salesforce Transit Center Security Plan features a secret right under your feet.

As Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director, placed a premium on security after the horrible events of September 11th, 2001. The objective was to make the giant building able to sustain a terrorist attack.

Part of the plan is under the feet of people who walk by and under Salesforce Transit Center: panels marked with yellow and black stripes to stop vehicle and bus entry into the complex.

In an emergency, the panels rise up and become barricades to the Transit Center. When activated, the thick metal panels rise to a height of six feet, and form a formidable barrier to any kind of vehicle that would try to enter the Transit Center.

In normal operation the panels seem to be a pathway, but a security official told me they would prefer that patrons walk on the white stripe walkway that’s closer to the Transit Center itself. “People think that’s the way to walk, but it’s not the right path,” a security officer told me, “that is,” he said, pointing to the white stripe walkway.

Read more about Salesforce Transit Center and the need for a beefed up security plan here: “Maria Ayerdi Kaplan Explains Need For Salesforce Transit Center Security Upgrade.”

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