Police Called On Black Man In Atlanta For Being With White Kids

Friday 23rd of August 2019 08:44:04 PM GMT


Police Called On Black Man In Atlanta For Being With White Kids

Police Called On Black Man For Being With White KidsPolice Called On Black Man For Being With White Kids

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Oakland News Now – Police Called On Black Man In Atlanta For Being With White Kids

In Cobb County, Georgia, a man who has a kids-sitting service and happens to be African-American, watched in horror as a white woman followed him while he was with the children he was entrusted with watching.

Corey Lewis is a 27-year-old black man who owns his own child care center in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution “They went to Catch Air, an indoor play center, and then ate at a Subway. As they walked to his car, Lewis told me, a woman in a Kia drove up and asked, “Are the kids OK?”

Corey Lewis responded, “Why wouldn’t they be?”

The woman came back a second time, he said. “She asked if she could speak to the little girl and ask her if she knew who I was.”

Lewis said no. Later, on Facebook Live, Corey Lewis said to the smartphone camera, “Why wouldn’t they be OK? No one’s yelling. No one’s screaming. No one’s trying to run away.”

She called Cobb County Police, who quickly determined there was nothing wrong, and there was no incident. But the encounter shows that racism is a mental illness and it shows the cloud of suspicion white people in America place over anyone black.

If Corey Lewis had been white, the woman would have said nothing. So, he could have been Kevin Wendell Crumb, the multi-personality child-predator character played by actor James McAvoy in the movie Split and the upcoming Glass, and the woman would have said absolutely nothing.

Stay tuned.

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