Wells Fargo Bank In Oakland On Piedmont Avenue Has Garbage Can Newsstand

Wells Fargo Piedmont Ave OaklandWells Fargo Piedmont Ave Oakland

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Molly A. Walker posted on Twitter that “This is an unused rack alongside the Piedmont Ave # branch of your bank. I walk by it every day and am thinking I should clean it up. But maybe you could? – at .”

The she’s referring to is that 151 40th St, and at the corner of 40th St and Piedmont. The newsstand on the 40th St side has garbage in it, is unsightly, as you can see, and generally reflects a state of neglect that’s common in the age of getting via smartphone.

Hopefully, , or someone, cleans this up. Either that, or just remove the newsstand. Far too often, it’s the receptacle for free magazines that no one ever bothers to grab. So, the papers sit there and gather dirt and who knows what else and contribute to this eye-sore.

Stay tuned.

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