Sculpteo’s Fabpilot Education Program Trains Academics On 3D Printing Technologies

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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

, specialist in 3D printing and digital manufacturing, today announces the launch of  Education Program. Education Program helps academic institutions, educators, students and researchers integrate 3D Printing technologies from a real-world perspective.

What Is ?

is a fully cloud-based end-to-end software designed to manage and optimize the 3D printing workflow. The Education Program closes the gap between 3D design and 3D printed objects and makes 3D printing a tangible industrial reality. Created by after eight years of in-house development, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables third parties to manage and optimize their 3D printing fleet. handles every step of the process: from manufacturing to quality control and delivery, every step of the production process was optimized internally to make the most out of 3D printing, by reducing lead times and lowering costs while continuously improving the quality of parts. centralizes these tools in a stand-alone cloud-based solution to increase efficiency and reduce the operating costs of .

The software is based on four pillars. It was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, for an intuitive and easy handling that requires no training, installation or download. It is available on the cloud, providing users with 24/7 access no matter their location and allowing them to collaborate easily with other users. All the tools needed are available in one software, and do not require any additional modules. Finally, it costs up to 5 times less than competing software.

’s cloud technology adapts to most professional . It is compatible with more than 30 different file formats and can convert them to a format that can be read by these machines. Within its production center, has increased the overall efficiency of the production by 35%.

The Education Program Gives Schools 3D Printing Tools

Educating on 3D printing in academic institutions corroborates the growth of industry 4.0. Although today the technology is accessible at even the elementary school level, many institutions lack the knowledge to make the most of these resources. By launching Education Program, provides schools with the right tools to facilitate the expansion of 3D printing in education by making it more accessible from a software perspective: it allows staff and students to collaborate throughout the 3D printing workflow; it enables students and educators to review designs together in real-time; and it reduces the amount of software in your workflow and the associated costs.  is an end-to-end cloud-based software for the 3D printing workflow; as such, it can be accessed remotely from anywhere, whether it is from the classroom or at home. Academic institutions, educators, and students can now gain access to a software that has been proven to work at industrial production scales.

According to Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo and Fabpilot: “At Sculpteo, we believe that 3D printing is radically changing the landscape of industrial manufacturing. Every day we see this technology’s benefits for our customers. To bring this technology to future generations, we have decided to push things further by launching the Fabpilot Education Program. Whether for elementary, secondary, university, or postgraduate usage, Fabpilot is committed to the development of the next generation of 3D printing pioneers.”

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