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Nia Wilson Protest And Vigil After Arrest of John Lee Cowell At Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station


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(Last Updated On: June 7, 2019)

Vigil For Nia Wilson At Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station

Vigil For Nia Wilson At Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station

Nia Wilson should have a statue made and placed at Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station. Why? How else to keep permanent a memory of someone who was the recipient of so many flowers, candles, and notes – because she was murdered. Right there. Right at that Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station. There should be a statue of Nia Wilson to represent first, that the soul of a person never dies, and that what happened to that 18-year-old, a young life tearfully cut short, could happen to anyone, and right there at that same place.

There should be a statue of Nia Wilson, and 27-year-old John Lee Cowell should be forced to see it – to have a replica of it in his jail cell for the rest of his life. The people are angry – and they will never let him forget Nia Wilson.

The incident happened at 9:30 PM Sunday night. BART Police report “It appears both the suspect and victims boarded a BART train at Concord Station at the same time and then off boarded at MacArthur. BART detectives have carefully reviewed video from surveillance cameras on the train the victims and suspect were riding on as well as platform video at MacArthur Station. The attack happened on the MacArthur platform. BART detectives are sharing images from the surveillance videos with other law enforcement agencies as well as the public. Investigators also recovered valuable evidence at the scene of the crime.” What they got were his clothes dumped in a trash bin, along with the knife he used to stab both Nia Wilson and her sister.

That awful night sparked a day of protest as a walk called “say her name #NiaWilson” started down Telegraph Avenue, and made its way past the same Make Westing bar that racist (but they say not) The Proud Boys were planning to visit – though members of the Bay Area Proud Boys claim otherwise. Staying away would have been a smart thing to do just if only to avoid getting the crap kicked out of them – there were a lot of people, from the looks of the Twitter accounts. They’d have a better time just listening to the BART Press Conference at Rockridge BART Station:

Stay tuned.

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4 Comments on "Nia Wilson Protest And Vigil After Arrest of John Lee Cowell At Oakland Mac Arthur BART Station"

  1. It was never a proud boys meet up. There isnt any evidence of that. The man that was beat up was a normal citizen who is a foster parent to two african american kids. The murderer was also not a proud boy. This needs to stop before someone get killed.

  2. ..and why wasnt the fundraiser for the victims family? No it was for “black/trans” needs. Whatever that means.. they put innocent people at risk just to make a buck. Ive tried to reach out to the organizer and all three deleted my messages. What does that tell you?

  3. You say the Racist (but they say theyre not) Oroud Boys then provide no proof of racism. Also it has been proven they had never planned any sort of meetup. Are you a journalist or tabloid writer. I will soread this bias reporting as an example of the real hate in this country.

    • Avatar Zennie Abraham | August 3, 2018 at 10:25 pm |

      You should go back and READ the Proud Boys post. There are two updates – with links. Read the blog post. Read. Read. Read.

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