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Bay Area Proud Boys Member Calls Zennie Abraham To Explain The Proud Boys, Says No Make Westing Meeting


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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2019)

The Proud Boys, a group that, as I wrote here at Oakland News Now is “seen as a racist, alt-right group that was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, the Vice Media co-founder. The group has rapidly formed a reputation for violent protest, and have a nickname “The Right Wing Brawlers,” walking into bars and starting fights.” But a member of a spin-off group called the “Bay Area Proud Boys” called in response to the first post at Oakland News Now, because he was “shocked” at the depiction of the organization he’s associated with.

“We’re not at all what you’re saying in your article,” the man who did not wish to be identified explained. “We’re husbands, fathers, friends, responsible members of the community. We believe in helping people, and we’re all about being the best men we can be. We have all kinds of people as members, black, Asian, I’m Mexican American.”

At that we had a very good and wide-ranging conversation. My main question to him was why meet at all? The Bay Area Proud Boys Member explained that “We’re not meeting at Make Westing. I don’t know where that came from.” I asked if he looked at the Make Westing Facebook Page, and he said he did, but he doesn’t know what’s up because there was no plan to go there. And about the racism image?

The caller said “We don’t at all condone racism or sexism or that stuff. We have engineers and they would not be in the group if that (racism and sexism) was going on. We help people raise money. We help the homeless. We’re not out there causing trouble,” he said. “The only thing is we … believe in protecting the flag.” I reminded him that flag protest is in itself an American right and tradition. “I know,” he said, “we protect the first amendment.”

In sum, if the The Bay Area Proud Boys and The Proud Boys are what my caller says, then there should be no problem, right? But the reality is the Southern Poverty Law Center has The Proud Boys listed as a racist hate group, and so if the The Bay Area Proud Boys are associated with The Proud Boys, how the heck is anyone supposed to know they’re not a collection of bad dudes to have issues with blacks and Latinos?

The caller agreed they had to do a much better job of getting out the word of what they were really about. What I explained to bim is that life is far more complicated than black and white, and that we need to focus on bringing people together and not sending out messages that rip people apart from each other.

He agreed.

In closing, I have to note that the caller was a Donald Trump supporter. Does President Trump know about The Proud Boys?

Stay tuned.

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Zennie Abraham is the CEO of Zennie62Media

3 Comments on "Bay Area Proud Boys Member Calls Zennie Abraham To Explain The Proud Boys, Says No Make Westing Meeting"

  1. The proud boys ethos and preamble states amongst other things that “we refuse to apologize for the western world as it exists today v that is inherently based in colonialism and racism as this country was founded on genocide, slavery and exploitation of native, black Chinese and marginalized folks from Italy, Ireland, Poland etc etc

    It’s easy to say your image has been tarnished. I’m sure the Klan helped the (white) people in their neighborhoods and probably have some mean ass bake sales (for white people)

    How do the words “male chauvinism” not bring some worry to your ears?

    One of the proud boys mission statements is to engage, agitate and intimidate the radical left. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are. They might be inclusive, but remember: ANYONE CAN BE AN ASSHOLE

  2. He was t just speaking for Bay Area he was speaking for all proud boys. Those are the tenants for the whole group. Racists are kicked out. Southern law is not a government entity and has an extremely liberal agenda. Consider the source. You should reach out to Gavin mcinnis himself.

    We are fighting an up hill battle on those lies. Antifa was interviewed and said that is what we are and the media didn’t check their sources or facts and then it just got borrowed from one media source to the next and next thing you know it’s 2 yrs later and we condemned and persecuted as racists. I wouldn’t belong to a racist group. I am a vet and stood on the lines with all races, females, religions and etc. I wouldn’t tolerate it.

  3. As a member of the Proud Boys I can say with confidence that we ARE NOT A RACIST GROUP. We have memebrs from all nationalities. Black, white, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, and so on. LIberals all are in this violent fit of rage and start conmfrontation with our group and others like us. And when retaliation comes swiftly, then they want to blame us. Watch the videos on Portland, yes you will see Proud Boys knocking people out, but not without due cause. When someone hits you with a batton or rocks and other weapons, wearing masks, throwing smoke bombs and flash bangs, even attempting to stab people with knives, how would you react? I am sure you would defend yourself much like anyone would do. ANTIFA is the biggest antagonizer in this situation. They publish false information about our group. They claim to be anti-facist, yet want everyone to think and be like them!? That sounds like facism to me! We are always open to civil conversation, considering thats how things get solved, but when we try to talk to liberal nuts, all we get is hatred, vitriol, and violence. As far as the SPLC goes, that is a LIBERAL RUN ORGANIZATION, so of course we are their list. But they are a non-profit influenced by their contributers. We are actually in the process of suing them for defamation. If you turen to a legit organization, like the Dept. of Homeland Security, you will see ANTIFA is listed as a Terrorist organization. Proud BOys are NOT on that list,because we do not destroy our towns, communities, businesses, or tothers when we dont get our way, much like ANTIFA. I am at lest greatful that Mr. Abraham is not twisting the truth to fit his narrative. If only all LIberals were open to civil conversation as he.

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