Oakland Whole Foods Closed Due To Bomb Threat

Thursday 19th of September 2019 06:52:01 PM GMT


Oakland Whole Foods Closed Due To Bomb Threat

Oakland Whole FoodsOakland Whole Foods (photo courtesy Gawker)

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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Oakland Whole Foods Adams Point Re-Opened At 2:30 PM July 14th,2018.

The Oakland Whole Foods Store at 27th and Harrison is closed as of now, today, Saturday July 14th, and due to a reported bomb threat via social media. Here are the accounts:

The Oakland Whole Foods is a popular destination located near Lake Merritt in the Adams Point district. It is right down 27th street away from the under-development Alta Waverly housing complex that was the victim of an arson fire over a year ago, and is slated to be completed in 2019. That crime brought the problem of population demographic change in Oakland via gentrification into focus.

In 2007, Zennie62Media posted this video-blog about my visit to the then-new Oakland Whole Foods, after it was converted from a Cox Cadillac dealership:

In this update, and while this vlogger is waiting for any email updates or social media reports, it must be explained (and not at all to justify the terrible threat of today) that the Whole Foods Oakland in Adams Point, has been the focus of a number of controversial events of racial and class conflict, some covered on Zennie62 on YouTube.

Two years ago, a Whole Foods security guard beat a black man senseless, in what was very much an incident that could have been avoided:

And 10 years ago, Oakland residents expressed concern over how the then-new facility would impact that part of Oakland:

Stay tuned for updates.

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