Oakland Police Officer Falls Off Bull Ride In East Oakland – With Gun On?

Friday 23rd of August 2019 02:35:02 AM GMT


Oakland Police Officer Falls Off Bull Ride In East Oakland – With Gun On?

Ken Houston OPD Bull RideKen Houston OPD Bull Ride

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

The common Oakland Police Officer image is that of a man, white, arresting and harassing someone, black, or Latino, and male. The negative image also takes in the Celeste Guap sex scandal, the dangerous ICE raid assistance carried out against City of Oakland policy, and the Riders scandal.

With all of those examples, and scores more, it would seem completely impossible to find any humor in anything an Oakland Police Officer might do. Well, welcome to Oakland News Now and Zennie62Media – leave it to us to find something funny an Oakland cop might do.

Take this Twitter tweet and video posted by Oakland Mayoral Race Candidate and friend of Zennie62Media Ken Houston, where Ken tweets: “This is how Oakland Mayoral candidate Ken Houston involves public service and the community. In the Deep of East Oakland police officers/50 eating collar greens, cornbread and peach cobbler with us! and then rides our electrical bull with no problems. Community involvement. “

Well, Ken’s being way too kind, because there was a problem. This unidentified (for now) Oakland Police Officer was obviously getting into the sprit of things, and riding this mechanical bull. Going round and round to the delight of the East Oakland kids, the OPD’s version of John Wayne was, indeed, tall in the saddle. Until he wasn’t.

He fell off the mechanical bull.

In watching the video again and again, it looks like the OPD Officer is riding the bull with his gun on his waist. So, let’s suppose he fell off the toy bull, which he did, and somehow manages to accidentally fire the gun? This space assumes that the Oakland Police Officer took the right prcausions before getting on the bull. But did he?

In closing, credit is given for Oakland Police Community involvement. But, he really needs to stay off the mechanical bull.

Stay tuned.

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2 Comments on "Oakland Police Officer Falls Off Bull Ride In East Oakland – With Gun On?"

  1. This is amazing!I dont understand why something so positive has to be turned into something so negative. I guess someone always has to find something wrong when someone is trying to do something good. We need more people like this. Anyone trying to unite the community, spread some smiles, and do something to bring people together should be praised. There is very little positive in life so people need to stop trying to turn it into negative.Spread the love.

  2. Zennie Abraham | July 15, 2018 at 7:48 am |

    Well, it’s like this: if the Oakland Police Officer’s gun had gone off after he hit the bag, a lot more than love would have been spread.

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