DeMarcus Cousins Welcomed To Warriors By Steph Curry As “Third Splash Brother”

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

Just four hours ago, everyone in World was wondering where , then of the New Orleans Pelicans, would go. No one mentioned The . Execpt The Hampton Five, and that was privately among themselves. Everyone was talking about LeBron James to the LA Lakers. Lakers fans, real and bandwagon, were going nuts.

Then, three hours later, it happened: signed with the Warriors, and everyone just lost it. The man they call “Boogie”, one of the best centers in the , did not go to the LA Lakers – he went update to Oakland. If there was anyone, any deal, that could piss off Warriors-haters, it was one of the following deals:

LeBron James to Golden State
Kwahi Leonard to Golden State
to Golden State
Anthony Davis to Golden State

And of them, LeBron went to LA, Kwahi Leonard’s still with the Spurs, Anthony Davis remains with the Pelicans.

to Golden State. Where Steph Curry welcomed him as the “third splash brother” joining Klay Thompson and himself:

And here’s the bad news: Davis could join him. That’t the buzz.

So, right now, “Warriors” is a World wide Twitter trend, and fans are losing it..

Keep hating.

Stay tuned.

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