Sheng Thao Gets Local 21 Union Endorsement In Oakland City Council District Four Race

Oakland District Four Councilmember Sheng ThaoOakland District Four Councilmember Sheng Thao

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

lands Union Local 21 Union endorsement.

, who is currently and as served as the Chief of Staff to At-Large City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, is running for the City Council District 4 seat that’s going to be vacated by the retiring Annie Campbell Washington.

In this battle, Ms. Thao has landed what has to be seen as a gigantic get in endorsements. Local 21 is not just any union. The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineer (IFPTE) Local 21, just happens to represent about 3,000 workers of the City of .

Ms. Thao’s press release only said this:

Last week, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineer (IFPTE) Local 21 endorsed for her City Council District 4 race.

is Councilmember Kaplan’s Chief of Staff and has worked on the City Council as a top legislative aide for close to five years. Even as more people jump into the open-seat race, Thao continues to be the most experienced candidate. Thao has strong policy and legislative background, and her extensive work on the City Council will allow her to be the only candidate to hit-the-ground running.

Thao is also endorsed by Councilmember Kaplan, Councilmember Gallo, Mayor Tran of Milpitas, community leader and others.

It did not mention what Local 21 really is: one of the key Oakland unions in the Oakland City Workers Strike.

If Local 21 mobilizes to knock on doors for in the District Four Race, she’s got a gold mine path to victory.

This is the kind of local union endorsement an candidate must have if he or she expects to win. Local 21 is not the only City of Oakland Union, so there’s other organizations a candidate can land, but Ms. Thao has the inside track.

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