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McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger – Samuel L. Jackson Would Love It

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2019)

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. – McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger represents a new approach for the American food company. The company says the Smokehouse Burger has a quarter-pound patty with applewood smoked bacon, bacon onion sauce, fried onion strings, white cheddar cheese and mustard sauce.

But the most interesting thing about McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger is it looks big and thick in the photos and on television. So, I thought “one day, I’ll try it.”

Now, I’m not one to go to McDonald a lot, at all, and I just can’t stand the Big Mac. In fact, I tried a Big Mac for the first time is maybe 15 years, and it was just awful. Now on the other hand, the McDonald’s Fries are just incredible – every time I buy them. Which, still, is maybe four times a year. That’s it.

But tonight, I left the gym here in Fayette County, Georgia (where I’m visiting my Mom), and was hungry. One drive-by view of the Golden Arches caused me to think about getting McDonald’s Fries. So, I drove into the 24-hour McDonald’s and saw the photo of the Bacon Smokehouse Burger. Talk about the power of suggestion. So, I ordered one. With large fries, it all was just $8.50.

As the video above shows, the McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger was without a doubt the best burger the Golden Arches have ever made. I can actually imagine Samuel L Jackson taking a bite of one and saying “That is one tasty burger!” Like that scene in Pulp Fiction.

The McDonald’s Bacon Smokehouse Burger represents a different McDonald’s, and a really welcome change.

Maybe I’ll get another one this week. Maybe.

Stay tuned.

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