The Oakland City Council Takes Up Public Lands, Affordable Housing, And #PeoplesProposal


(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

Hungry, it seems, to push out poor people of color, (just being honest) The City of Oakland and the has embarked on a sad pattern of selling public land for the good of a private organization, and not the public. The latest example of this problem involved something called The Derby Parcel, and to Pacific West Communities, Inc for $450,000.

After a nasty May 8th Community and Economic Development Committee Meeting that saw Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo (District Five) lose his cool, say things he should not have, and look like he was itching for a fight – at 14:18 time mark…

The whole matter was advanced to the full , but with a hitch, from a public perspective.

Rather than the full public meeting many in the Oakland community wanted, the sale of the parcel was decided away from view and in closed session on June 19th.

That led to the Community and Economic Development Committee hearing today, and to (among other things) demand a policy that prioritizes and calls for a moratorium on land sales until such a rule is in place, and that has a racial and equity impact analysis, included.

And what is the E 12th ? You can review it here:

But this paragraph does not begin to represent the comprehensiveness of a plan that really should be adopted by the City of Oakland:

The E 12th Wishlist Design Team / SAHA proposal maximizes the public use of public land, and helps the City of Oakland meet the recommendations outlined by the Housing Equity Roadmap for prioritizing public lands for .

What the E 12th Wishlist Design Team is doing is the kind of real community development planning process that has been advocated, and done, many times and going back to the path breaking work of a number of people like Ricardo Noguera, who was part of this blogger’s UC Berkeley Master’s Degree Class of 1987 at the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Spread the word about the plan.

Talk it up.

Make the do this!

Stay tuned.

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