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Testing The WordPress App On iPhone 8


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(Last Updated On: June 24, 2018)

This is a test of the WordPress App on my iPhone 8. For whatever reason the first attempt to post an entry crashed. It happened as I went to the photo library to upload a picture. All of a sudden when I went back to the WordPress App , I saw a crash page.

Hopefully this works this time. I am working to make all of my content production mobile based. That way, I don’t need a heavy backpack unless I need my laptop because the screen is larger.

I am very excited to try this on my new Oakland News Now news website. A. WordPress platform! Now, if I can get over the idea this isn’t going to work, I can press “publish.”

Here goes!

UPDATE: It worked, but still has two bugs: 1) image. The uploading of an image did not result in that photo being seen as the “featured image.” 2) YouTube video embed – there’s no embed code available for a mobile device! So WordPress must talk to YouTube about this. Only the standard link is available. In normal WordPress blog sites that WordPress owns, and not you, the link is transformed into an embed. I need to figure out how to install that capability via code.

Oh, and I had to edit this via my laptop. BOO!

Back to the drawing board.

Stay tuned.

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