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Robert De Niro’s F-Trump Bomb At 2018 Tony Awards Totally Shocked This Woman


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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

Trump Woman shocked

Trump Woman shocked

As of this writing, “Robert De Niro” is still a world-wide Twitter trend, and it’s hours after he took the stage at the 2018 Tony Awards and let loose with an f-bomb toward President Donald Trump. De Niro’s “F-Trump! F-Trump” was caught by the CBS censors, who cut his mic, and in fact, the entire sound of the broadcast for a moment. But that only served to heighten the interest in the moment for the TV viewer.

De Niro SHOCKED This Woman - courtesy, @FRobvBvhz3 on Twitter

De Niro SHOCKED This Woman – courtesy, @FRobvBvhz3 on Twitter

But something many TV viewers may have missed were the details in the initial reaction of the audience. While many cheered, @FRobvBvhz3 on Twitter took note of the lone woman who looked like she just saw the trailer for John Carpenter’s new version of Halloween, starring an older Jamie Lee Curtis, and got the bejesus scared out of her!

While the Tony Awards attendees in New York may have been ‘made woke’ and to a standing ovation by De Niro, the reaction on Twitter was not 100 percent in favor of what he said – by anecdotal review, 80 percent in favor, but 20 percent against what he said. Here’s a sample:

Here’s the uncensored version of Robert DeNiro’s Trump F-bomb at the 2018 Tony Awards, where you can hear the crowd just losing it!

As they say, “Only in America!”

Stay tuned.

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