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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Zennie Abraham, Partner, social media influencer, and vlogger, and blogger (and the one who asked Raiders Head Coach the question in the video from the 2018 NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando above) is asking viewers to subscribe to , and in a push to get to 100,000 subcribers.

was established on April 21, 2006, and was made a Partner Channel two years later, almost to the day,” he said. “From the start, the channel’s focus has been news commentary and with a special focus on , the National Football League, The White House, and tech. If you live in , and want news commentary from a channel, but don’t know where to go? Mr. Abraham says “Please ask them to subscribe to with a click here on this marked sentence.”

Abraham provided more intformation: “According to ’s topic monitoring algorithm, Zennie62 is consistently the most popular channel in . There’s a good reason for that. has interviewed more Oaklanders running for office than any other YouTube channel. It covers news in a way better than traditional media, because, with the use of YouTube Livestream, the process is interactive. And even before employment of YouTube Live Mobile, was and is bringing in Oaklanders to make livestreams and tell their stories.”

The vlogger says that Zennie62 has been the vast majority notable events and talked to people making a difference, or just making an opinion, in since 2006. Mayor Libby Schaaf? Zennie62 has video interviews with her going back to when she was District Four Councilmember.

Golden State Warriors Parade and Speeches? Zennie62 was front and center for that first event in 2015. mayoral candidates like Ken Houston and Cat Brooks? has interviews with both of them, and many more people. The quest to retain the Raiders? Zennie62 was at every NFL Owners Meeting, and broke a number of stories associated with that endeavor. The Bulk and Oversized Terminal? Zennie62 has interviews with ’s economic development director in 2012, and was at the ground-breaking in 2013. The Alley and the late legendary Rob Dibble? Zennie62 has many videos featuring that landmark and Mr. Dibble, another landmark.

“And don’t forget,” Zennie said, “Zennie62Media, which runs , is on the White House Press List, and has been since 2012. We’ve covered the landing of Air Force One, and speeches by President Barack Obama. Plus, we plan more coverage of President Donald Trump and the U.S. Election this year. I get the same White House emails that news organizations like CNN and MSNBC get – we’re in the house and poised to grow this media company.”

In total, Zennie62 on YouTube has, as of this writing, 13,522 videos, 40,576 subscribers, and a total of 73,179,592 views.

“Come and join us to be a part of the Oakland conversation at Zennie62 on YouTube,” Abraham says. “There’s a lot going on. Let’s vlog about it.”

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