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Statement From White House Press Secretary Regarding The Release Of Joshua Holt


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(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

The United States thanks the Maduro regime for releasing the unjustly detained United States citizen, Joshua Holt, and his Venezuelan wife.

The release of Joshua Holt does not change United States policy. The Maduro regime must call free, fair, and transparent elections, consistent with its constitution. The election process that occurred on May 20 was illegitimate. The regime must allow all Venezuelans and political parties to participate freely in new elections and the democratic process. It must release all political prisoners, and must accept desperately needed international humanitarian aid for Venezuela’s dying citizens.

As demonstrated by the President’s Executive Order of May 21, the United States will continue to use all available tools and options to pressure the Maduro regime to abide by democratic norms, and will continue to build a broad international coalition of like-minded partners who want to see the return of democracy to the people of Venezuela.

Note: Zennie62Media is on The White House Press List, and has been since 2012. The statement above was sent directly to Zennie62Media via email from the White House.

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