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1st Year NFL Coach Joe Brady Called Whiz Kid But Panthers Offense 21st Ranked? Pure Stupidity

Atlanta – All of these wanna be football media types still in college are flooding Twitter with the garbage idea that the man who was LSU’s offensive coordinator in 2019, and then passing game coordinator before that in 2018. Note, in each of these, he was one and then done, and then up to the next level. At LSU, he got the combination of talent, and good plays, to direct Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers Offense to the National Championship. So, what did that get him after just one year? The NFL job of Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator.

What did Joe Brady’s Offense rank? 21st. So, how the hell does a 21st ranked offense in the first year get Joe Brady a damn head coaching job interview? I’ve studied what Brady did at the NFL level – there was nothing innovative about it. One might scream about shallow cross, but Bill Walsh is the king of the pattern, and its variations – none of which I’ve seen Brady use.

I can point out a number of ways where Brady’s Offense is terribly designed – one major issue being a total ignorance of time and motion. The other being a completely bone-headed non-use of pre-shifting. Brady has a lot to learn, but the overall stupidity that reins in society, today, says he gets a pass and moves up because he wears glasses.

Look, here’s the fact: Joe Brady could have a lot of ideas in the NFL, but if he were black, it would get him nothing but head coaches using his schemes and then claiming them as their own. Being white gets him all of these praises that really should go to some one like Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy. But, Eric Bieniemy’s talent is hidden behind the racism that makes people stupid. Racism is a mental illness. We need to find a cure for it.

This garbage has to stop. Now.

Stay tuned.

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