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10 Super Bowl LV Bets For The More Modest Bettors – David Squires

10 Super Bowl LV Bets For The More Modest Bettors - David Squires 1

Covid may have stopped fans attending NFL games this season but it seems that it won’t stop bettors, big or small from having a punt on the season’s biggest game, Super Bowl LV. Last week one bettor in Nevada (where else?) placed a $2.3 million wager on Tampa Bay +3.5 to win. If the Bucs cover the spread then this lucky punter would net a cool $2 million, high risk, high reward.

Unfortunately, the majority of us who might consider placing a bet or two to make the game a little more interesting don’t have this kind of cash to play with and looking for a little more value from a much smaller outlay.

Bets such as ”will the opening kick-off be a touchback?”  (Yes, 1/3 No, 9/4) hold no value when betting small amounts such as $5 or $10.

However, betting a single $5 at 9/1 won’t break the bank and would profit $45, alternatively, the same bet for $10 wins $90. Small risks with reasonable rewards.

With this type of betting in mind here are 10 Super Bowl LV bets that could be worthwhile.

10 Super Bowl LV Bets For The More Modest Bettors - David Squires 2

*Please note: The following bets/odds are from Skybet and are subject to change.

Will there be a punt return for a TD? Odds 9/1.

The good thing about bets like these is that no matter the sore this bet could come in at any time during the game.

60+ total points, either team to win by 1-6 the winning team to take the lead with their last possession. Odds 9/1

Although three separate things have to happen here, all of them seem entirely possible.

Tom Brady 3+ interceptions. Odds 13/2

One for the many Brady haters and he did achieve this unwanted feat in the NFC title game!

Brady and Mahomes 300+ pass yards each and Kelce and Gronkowski 1+ TD each 6/1

Again all this seems very plausible.

10 Super Bowl LV Bets For The More Modest Bettors - David Squires 3

Tampa Bay win the first half, Kansas City win the game. Odds 11/2 

The Cheifs have been slow starters and the bet isn’t limited to points totals.

T.Kelce, M.Evans and T Hill all to score a TD. Odds 7/1 

Another bet not held back by who wins the game.

Tampa Bay to win by 1-6 points. Odds 7/2  

Feel like the game will be close?

Kansas City to win by 1-6 points. Odds 3/1

You could cover yourself by betting on both!

R.Jones 36+ rush yards, T.Hill 93+ receiving yards and, A.Brown 4+ receptions. Odds 11/2 

Certainly not a ‘home run’ here but again the score and winner doesn’t matter. This could come in by half time or not at all!!

Brady MVP, Tampa Bay to win, M.Evans and T.Kelce 1+ TD each. Odds 9/1

If you think Tampa wins then the first two things probably go hand in hand.

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