Jovanka Beckles CA 15 District Candidate Statement On Vaccines

Jovanka BecklesJovanka Beckles

As a mental health professional for Contra Costa County, I take public health very seriously. And that includes making sure everyone’s kids get the vaccines they need.

Here are the facts about where I stand on vaccines:

In 2015, the California legislature passed SB277, ending personal belief exemptions from vaccination requirements for entry into public schools. I support this law.

Vaccination for children should be mandatory except for those who are immuno-compromised or have other medical conditions.

The epidemiological evidence is clear: vaccination programs have saved millions of people from sickness and death. Community immunity depends on the vast majority of people being vaccinated.

Anyone who refuses a vaccine is increasing the danger for those who cannot be safely vaccinated.

Bottom line: the debate is over. Vaccines are safe, and they work.

To read my plan to bring healthcare—including vaccines—to all Californians, go to

Jovanka Beckles Statement On Vaccines
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Statement On Vaccines
Statement On Vaccines
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